Friday, November 18, 2011

Fat Kid Friday: French Vanilla Cappuccino

I consider myself a French Vanilla Cappuccino connoisseur. No, not the fancy cappuccino that comes from Starbucks or Caribou, the fresh brewed one you get from a machine. A tasty, smooth, and delicious treat, all at the touch of a button. But, not all French Vanilla Cappuccino's are created equal. In fact, there I some I won't even drink. The fat free version is disgusting, and BP's cappuccino is watered down. 7-Eleven puts out a quality cuppa joe and Phillips 66 is pretty decent as well. But, the best you ask? The best is from a Target. Yep, you can purchase this delightful pick-me-up at your neighborhood store. The sweet, creamy taste, and jolt of energy you get, is well worth the $1.15 you'll spend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boots with Da Fur

Tory Burch, you're killing me! I am lusting over these boots with da fur. They make me want to grab my apple bottom jeans and get low low low low low low low low. Maybe T-Pain will throw me the $395 to buy them.

Apres Ski Fur Boot

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Lovin'

What a great weekend! 60s in Chicago all weekend? In November? Un. Heard. Of. As you know, my weekend started with a delicious dinner at The Bedford. After much deliberation, I chose the surf and turf special ...cod cheeks and pork cheeks made these cheeks happy and full. We then found our way to Easy Bar in Bucktown. Rocking out to 80s music while watching Better Off Dead was a great way to end the night.

I had originally dedicated my Saturday to the Iowa vs. Michigan State game, but since my Hawkeyes didn't show up to play, I went shopping instead. Chicago ladies, I recommend hitting up H&M and Zara on State Street early in the morning. You will find an organized store, few tourists, and no wait at the checkout line. You might also find yourself short on cash when you leave. I snagged a cute dress that will keep me warm and fashionable during the blustery Chicago winter.

H&M Lace Tunic

The highlight of the weekend was the Sunday night Blackhawks game. Not only did the Hawks win, but we danced to Chelsea Dagger six times. Yup, six goals against the Oilers. All awesome. If only my sign would have landed me on TV...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fat Kid Friday: The Bedford

This Fat Kid Friday is a challenging one. I am torn between starving myself in preparation for dinner tonight, and fulfilling my Fat Kid desires early in the day. So far, I have held off for the amazing dinner that awaits [although it was very hard to drive past 7-Eleven when I'm craving a french vanilla cappuccino]...

Restaurant: The Bedford
Location: Wicker Park
Why it warrants FKF Status: The menu, obvi...but the location is pretty sweet too. The Bedford is located in the historic Landmark bank. They converted the vault in a dining room, and then hired an amazing chef as well as a drink 'mixologist.' Ooooo la la.

I've been pursuing the menu all week. I can't decide between these 3 entrees:
1. CHICKEN: cornbread stuffing, glazed root vegetables, maple and cider chicken jus
2. PARISIAN GNOCCHI: house ricotta cheese, chantrelle mushroom ragout, charred sweet onions, shaved truffle and pecorino
3. ROASTED SQUASH RISOTTO: arborio rice, pecorino, toasted walnut, cider gastrique

But then...there is always oysters or wild sturgeon. Decisions, decisions! I'm just glad we'll be in a big group so I can sample a little bit of everything (I didn't even mention the appetizers...artisan cheeses, frits and crostinis! oh my!).

The one thing I do know for sure, you ask? My drink of choice: Jessica's St. Germain Cocktail. A lovely mixture St. Germain elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine, and soda water. I'll take 3 please. And, with that, I'll see you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Country Music

As I watched the CMAs last night, I reflected on my new found love for country music. And, I feel it's only appropriate that I personally thank those country stars that have deepened my love and impacted on my life this year...

Thank you Zac Brown, I'd forgotten how much I like a chicken fry...and a cold beer on a Friday night.

Thank you Little Big Town, for reminding me that I might be cheap, but I ain't free.

Taylor Swift, you posed an important question: "Why you gotta be so mean?" I'll thank you when you give me an answer.

Toby Keith, you shed light on what I should do with the red solo cup. Obviously, I fill you up. I have a party.

Thank you, Kenny Chesney, for being honest...tequila makes me crazy...just don't remind Joe Nichols that tequila makes my clothes fall off.

And, most of all, thank you Brad Paisley for making it clear that this real, this my life, and its in your song.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There once was...

There once was a blogger named Lauren
Her life was anything but boren
So she started a blah-og
But got lost in a fog
And left all of her readers a'snoren

But now this blogger is back
So get ready for a blog attack
Cause I'm back in my groove
And set out to prove
That this blog is the newest 'new black'

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deep Fried South

In honor of Fat Kid Friday, and my upcoming 10 day trip to North Carolina, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite goodies from the southeast: Hush Puppies. Basically, fried dough balls. While I usually try to eat healthy when traveling for work, I cannot pass up the opportunity to pop one of these deep fried pieces of heaven into my mouth. They can be spicy or sweet and are usually served with a delicious dipping mayonnaise. Gross right? I know. But sooooo good. Not going to NC anytime soon? No worries, you can try these little yummies right here in Chicago. The best ones I've had were at Chicago Q, a new BBQ joint in Gold Coast. And, while you're there, you should probably try the pulled pork sandwich with a side of honey-butter cornbread. Order a beer too. You deserve it. Plus, it's Fat Kid Friday (meaning you'll also need dessert). It's BBQ, oink oink, EAT UP!